At Fergmann Window Solutions Ltd we offer a comprehensive glazing service. While we are not a “jobbing glazing company” we do supply and fit all types of glass from single glazing to double glazing, stained glass to antique glass.

Whatever your glazing needs are we have the solution.

All our windows can be fitted with single or double glazing. We can retro fit double glazing units to existing sashes with or without astragals. We can use standard double glazing units fitted with a range of different spacer bars both in size and colour. We also fit low sightline “slimline heritage units” for applications where standard double glazed units would have a visual impact on both the surrounding building and windows.

Heritage Slimlite Double Glazed units are manufactured in the same way as standard double glazed units the main difference being heritage super spacer offers the ultimate thermal performance and eliminates any possibility of cold bridge. Additionally, the heritage super spacer has a small upstand of only 3mm allowing us to offer an overall sightline of 7mm.

The cavities between the panes of glass can be filled with gases such as Argon and Krypton which will enhance the thermal insulation qualities.