Fergmann Window Solutions, a private company formed in 1989, saw a potential market specialising in the renovation and more importantly, window draught proofing of the millions of steel frame windows in buildings of the fifties and sixties. Fergmann Window Solutions Ltd developed a system using liquid silicone, which can offer a life extension to the window of at least 10 years.

The next development was to design a draught-proofing system for timber sliding sash windows which were totally concealed and hence suitable for Grade A listed buildings. After a development period the company designed the ENCAP™ system, which overcame the largest problem associated with draft proofing systems, the over painting of polypropylene seats, rendering them ineffective.

A protecting patent is now in place. After a move to new purpose built 4,000 square feet workshop and office premises in Kirkintilloch has allowed the business to upgrade woodworking machinery to meet increasing demand for “off site” window restoration as well as the manufacture of special replacement sashes for listed buildings where reapplication of the original moulding detail is essential.

According to the Department of Energy, statistics show that in excess of 15% of heat in the average home and 20% in commercial properties can be lost from draughts through windows and doors.

Let’s put it another way. An average gap of 3mm around a casement window 2.5m x 1.5m is equivalent to an opening of 240 square centimetres. In a building with only 6 windows, this could be equal to leaving one window partially open all the time. The cost of this lost heat can be many times the cost of providing effective draught proofing.