Metal windows can be restored to their original state and when carried out in the correct manner will extend the lifespan of the window. We are able to remove corroded sections of metal windows and replace with identical sections.

A silicone system for Draughtproofing

steel frame windows has been developed by our company and has been successfully applied to many properties such as schools and commercial buildings.

In some instances we may be able to introduce Double Glazing

dependent on metal section sizes.

Firstly the windows are serviced so that they open and close properly. We then apply a coat of metal enamel paint to the rebate, liquid silicone is then applied to the rebate of the window frame and a release agent is coated to the opening sash. The sash is then closed and any excess silicone trimmed off and left till the silicone has cured. After curing the sash is opened and the cured silicone has bonded to the rebate creating a gasket, but due to the release agent the silicone has not bonded to the opening sash. This creates a variable thickness seal to match the gap between opening sash and frame.