Enjoy draught-free timber windows with the Fergmann ENCAP™ System

The ENCAP™ system has been designed by Fergmann Window Solutions Ltd to offer the most advanced draught proofing system for timber double hung sliding sash windows. It is totally concealed within the sash frame and as such is ideally suited for use on listed buildings or other properties where the original design details and character are to be retained. In many instances this offers a cost-effective alternative to replacement windows.

The ENCAP™ system uses special open cell structure urethane foam encapsulated in a polypropylene sheath which has many advantages over traditional brush or pile seals. In this application, its ability to remain flexible even after over painting with gloss paint is one of its more important features as other seals tend to harden and become ineffectual under these conditions. The ability to return to its original shape after compression and low coefficient to friction make it the ideal seal for this application.

Protect metal framed windows with the Fergmann Silicone System

Our Fergmann Silicone system is designed to solve the problem of draughts, moisture, noise, and dust penetration in metal casement or pivot style windows.

We have a unique procedure which can enhance an old metal window with new, modern draught proofing to properly seal your windows. This ensures that the windows will be professionally draught proofed and will solve the problems of draughts, moisture etc. in older metal windows.

The hinges and catches are all serviced before applying the silicone treatment, ensuring that the windows open and close freely. The silicone, when cured, forms a draught, moisture, noise and dust-proof gasket around the window, matching the exact contour of the original gap.

Due to our revolutionary metal window draught proofing, which is carried out by our team of specialists, you will not need to replace your old windows; they can be fully restored! Subsequently this keeps the building’s authentic windows which Fergmann Window Solutions aims to always do.

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“First Rate”

“I have dealt with Fergmann Window Solutions a fair few times, both for small and bigger jobs and always found them to be extremely helpful, reliable and great value for money. Would certainly use them again and recommend them to friends and family.” – CarmineG on Yell.com

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