Timber Window Restoration

At Fergmann Window Solutions Ltd, our specialty is the restoration of timber sash and case windows as well as timber casement windows and deadlights. The majority of timber windows will require refurbishment at some stage during their life-cycle. Restoration is usually possible and is our preferred method as it allows for historic windows to be maintained. If the replacement of a window or any of its timber components are required, it would be manufactured on a like for like basis with profiles that match the existing window.

Much of our work focuses on the restoration of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era properties. We can incorporate modern requirements such as draughtproofing and glazing into existing windows in a manner which maintains the original aesthetic.

The main problems affecting timber windows are –

  • Rotting timbers which occur due to lack of maintenance combined with exposure to weather over time. Rot is most commonly found on the sill but can affect any of the timbers which make up the window. In most cases, rotting sections of timber can be cut out and replaced.
  • Draughts and rattling which are caused by the lack of an effective draught proofing system. Our draughtproofing system creates a tight seal which stops draughts and rattling while allowing smooth operation of the opening sashes.
  • Other problems include stiffness of operation, overpainting, broken glass and broken or missing chords and ironmongery. All of these problems are correctable given some attention.
  • All of our timbers are procured from responsible, renewable sources, accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

    “First Rate”

    “Excellent product delivered by craftsmen. First rate service from start to finish. The removal, restoration and double glazing of our original Victorian windows has been transformative in terms of heat retention, without having any negative impact in the look of the house. All work executed without fuss or pain in a Covid compliant to a universally high standard.”

    For timber window restorations and repair, look no further than Fergmann Window Solutions.