Window Painting

When it comes to painting window frames, it is a more specialist task than people first think. We have heard countless stories of how painters would offer to do sash and case/casement windows using ‘ordinary’ painting techniques, which results in the expected frustration of your newly renovated and fully functioning windows being painted shut, rendering them useless!

But at Fergmann Window Solutions Ltd, we do things properly. We have highly skilled and experienced painters who know how to avoid this frustrating issue. Our painters are specialists in painting all types of windows to a high standard of finish, without the risk of sealing them shut. We appreciate that no two properties are the same, and take extra care to ensure you can retain the look and functionality of your period windows. We can paint both timber and metal-framed units.

All painting services come with a 2-year guarantee.

We offer a complete window frame painting service:

We are keen to offer a complete package to customers throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and the wider area. Count on us to handle:

  • Removing friable (crumbling/loose) material,
  • Spot prime
  • Undercoat
  • Gloss (your choice of colour)
By offering a complete service, we can ensure that your windows are painted to a high standard, and allow you to open and close them as you normally would expect. With more than 30 years’ experience and a team of qualified and accredited professionals, your windows are in safe hands.

We can also handle other aspects of restorative work, such as draughtproofing and ironmongery.

Have we painted your windows to a high standard?

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